Canon PIXMA MG5420 User Manual

Canon PIXMA MG5420 Photo All-in-One Inkjet Printers User Manual Excerpts

Printing Photo with Trimming
You can edit photo displayed on the LCD by trimming them and print.
Make sure that the machine is turned on.
Confirming that the Power Is On
Load photo paper.
Loading Paper
Select Advanced print on the HOME screen.
LCD and Operation Panel
Insert the memory card into the card slot.
Inserting the Memory Card
To display the HOME screen, press the HOME button.
Select Trimming print, then press the OK button.

Use the button to select the photo to print, then press the OK button.
Other Options
Using Useful Display Functions
Trim the print area.
Use the following buttons to trim the print area.
, , , and buttons:
Positions the trimming frame.
+ or – button:
Sets the trimming frame size.
Center Function button:
Rotates the trimming frame. To switch the trimming frame between portrait and landscape orientations, press this button.
Press the OK button to finalize your selection of trimming area.
The area to be cropped is specified, and the print setting confirmation screen is displayed.
Spcify the settings as necessary.
To specify the number of copies, use the + or – button.
Setting Items
Press the Color button.
The machine starts printing.
To cancel printing, press the Stop button.
You can add the print job by pressing the right Function button while printing.
Adding the Print Job
The trimming image cannot be newly saved on the memory card.