2013 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD User Manual

2013 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD Owner Manual Excerpts

Programming Universal Home Remote — Rolling Code
For questions or help programming the Universal Home Remote System, call 1-866-572-2728 or go to www.learcar2u.com.
Most garage door openers sold after 1996 are Rolling Code units.
Programming a garage door opener involves time-sensitive actions, so read the entire procedure before starting. Otherwise, the device will time out and the procedure will have to be repeated.
To program up to three devices: 1. From inside the vehicle, press the two outside buttons at the same time for one to two seconds, and immediately release them.
2. In the garage, locate the garage door opener receiver
(motor-head unit). Find the “Learn” or “Smart” button. It can usually be found where the hanging antenna wire is attached to the motor-head unit and may be a colored button. Press this button. After pressing this button, complete the following steps in less than 30 seconds.
3. Immediately return to the vehicle. Press and hold the Universal Home Remote button that will be used to control the garage door until the garage door moves. The indicator light, above the selected button, should slowly blink. This button may need to be held for up to 20 seconds.
4. Immediately, within one second, release the button when the garage door moves. The indicator light will blink rapidly until programming is complete.
5. Press and release the same button again. The garage door should move, confirming that programming is successful and complete.