1996 Ford Contour User Manual

1996 Ford Contour Owner Manual Excerpts

Preparing Your Vehicle
1. Your vehicle has a 12-volt starting system, so you need to use a 12-volt jumper system. You will damage your starting motor, ignition system, and other electrical parts if you connect them to a 24-volt power supply (either two 12-volt batteries in series or a 24-volt generator set).
2. Do not disconnect the battery of the disabled vehicle. You could damage the vehicle’s electrical system.
3. Park the booster vehicle close to the hood of the disabled vehicle. Make sure the vehicles do not touch each other. Set the parking brake on both vehicles and stay clear of the engine cooling fan and other moving parts.
4. Check all battery terminals and remove any excessive corrosion before you attach the jumper cables.
5. Turn on the heater fan in both vehicles. Press the DEFROST button. Turn off all other switches and gauges.