2002 Lincoln Navigator User Manual

2002 Lincoln Navigator Owner Manual Excerpts

The key operates all locks on your vehicle. In case of loss, replacement keys are available from your dealer.
You should always carry a second key with you in a safe place in case you require it in an emergency.
Refer to SecuriLocky Passive Anti-Theft System for more information.
If the door does not unlock when the U is pressed, see Power door disable feature in the Remote entry section in this chapter.
Press U to unlock all doors and L to lock all doors.
Childproof door locks
When these locks are set, the rear doors cannot be opened from the inside. The rear doors can be opened from the outside when the
doors are unlocked.
The childproof locks are located on rear edge of each rear door and must be set separately for each door. Setting the lock for one door will not automatically set the lock for both doors.
Move lock control up to engage the childproof lock. Move control down to disengage childproof locks.