2013 MINI Cooper S Countryman User Manual

2013 MINI Cooper S Countryman Owner Manual Excerpts

Tow-starting, towing away
Observe applicable laws and regulations for tow-starting and towing.<
Do not transport any passengers other than the driver in a vehicle that is being towed.<
Using a tow fitting
The screw-in tow fitting must always be carried in the car. It can be screwed in at the front or at the right rear.
Depending upon the vehicle features, the tow fitting is located
under the right or left front seat.
in the pouch for the tire-changing set in the luggage compartment.
Use only the tow fitting provided with the vehicle and screw it all the way in. Use the tow fitting for towing on paved roads only. Avoid lateral loading of the tow fitting, e.g. do not lift the vehicle by the tow fitting. Otherwise, the tow fitting and the vehicle could be damaged
Access to screw thread
Press sideways on the cover, vehicle outer side. This will push out the opposite side of the cover, which can then be removed.